Cocoa butter stretch marks – a myth?

The human is made of elastic matter, which can only stretch to certain limit then break. This is most common with pregnancy and among body builders. It is also a phenomena witnessed in overweight people. The stretch mark become more visible when there is a sudden loss of the mass filling up the skin, leaving lines of colors depending on the tone of your skin. This is usually the case with pregnancy, after birth, and sudden loss of weight. While most people believe that Theobroma oil or simply as cocoa butter can make these stretch marks disappear, recent researches have proved that this is just a myth.

Cocoa butter is an emollient agent, meaning it help in moistening the skin and making it more hydrated. It is recommended for people who have dry skin problems, as it has such properties to keep the skin hydrated for long. Stretch mark involved both the epidermis and the dermis; hence, prove enough that in terms of skin penetration, cocoa butter has no such capacity to penetrate the skin layer until it reached the dermis. Nonetheless, this same research hinted that even so, cocoa butter could still be used in the prevention of these stretch marks but not in their treatment. Cocoa butter is a topical cream, and when there is need for it to penetrate the skin, a facilitator agent can be used.

Even if cocoa butter does penetrate the skin well enough, still it does not have the capacity of repairing skin collagen. Elastin proteins and Collagen are the main proteins in human skin, and when stretch to maximum they tear. These tears are visible as pink or purple lines along the affected area. This early stage is the best time when you can effectively deal with them and help in their fast healing. However, when they turn darker then nature takes its course and you have limited options in the progression of their healing process.

In the prevention of stretch marks, cocoa butter acts by making the superficial skin layer more elastic hence creating enough room for expansion. By increasing the elasticity of the skin, cocoa butter therefore helps in the actual prevention of stretch marks. This is the same reason why it is recommended for pregnant women to apply cocoa butter on their tummies on a daily basis to help in the prevention, but not the healing of stretch marks. By making the skin more elastic, the chances of it breaking when stretched are minimized.

Is it possible to remove stretch marks by using cocoa butter?

Bottom line is, stretch marks did not get on your skin overnight hence, they will not disappear overnight too. Therefore, they will need sufficient time to heal. Unlike wounds and skin breakages, stretch marks have a tendency to hang around for a while. Even with the various creams and lotions made from cocoa butter in the market, still there is no sufficient prove that the ingredients in cocoa butter can heal stretch marks. So it was proven when 175 pregnant women were followed in their pregnancy terms. Some were given cocoa butter other were given a placebo, but in the end there was no noteworthy dissimilarity between the two groups of women when the stretch marks were accessed.

While cocoa butter can increase the flexibility of skin, it is not possible to remove stretch marks just by using cocoa butter products. If you are looking for a product which actually can REMOVE stretch marks, take a look at the following products. All of them are highly effective and proven to be safe.

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