Derma Roller stretch marks

derma_roller_stretch_marksIt is fair to say that stretch marks are one hell of a curse for many women as they grow older. Whether the marks appear after a woman has had a baby, or after she has lost a large amount of weight, you can bet that stretch marks do nothing for the appearance of a woman’s tummy. It is unsurprising, then, that women afflicted by stretch marks get desperate to find solutions.

One of the most highly publicized products claiming to zap stretch marks is something that goes by the name of Derma Roller. This product uses a micro needle technique to introduce collagen into the area affected by stretch marks in a bid to reduce them. The manufacturer claims that use of the product five times per week will produce excellent results.

However, if you bother to read a raft of user reviews, plus comments on message boards and other websites, you will find that many women do not find the Derma Roller to be entirely satisfactory. It seems that the product has been selling well due to the fact that the manufacturer has been advertising it very visibly, but when buyers use the product it seems to come up short. While it undoubtedly has some success in reducing stretch marks, it does not zap them in the manner buyers were led to believe it would. That means there are a lot of women out there who have not yet found the ultimate solution for the issue of their stretch marks.

If you are a woman who is plagued by stretch marks, the good news is that there is a much more effective alternative to the Derma Roller. A product called Revitol has got what it takes to eliminate stretch marks completely, yet so far it is one of the best kept secrets on the internet.

Revitol is an ointment or herbal cream that is formulated using one hundred percent natural ingredients. Among the powerful ingredients of the product are squaline and grape seed oil, plus these two skin-friendly regenerative agents are backed up by a raft of vitamins, which increase the effectiveness of the product no end. In addition, buyers will be pleased to hear that Revitol contains no trace of aggressive chemicals that could be harmful to their skin.

revitol_smallAs compared to the Derma Roller, Revitol seems to be a lot more effective in dealing with stretch marks. This is confirmed by the number of positive comments and reviews that can be found using a quick Google search. Revitol certainly outclasses the Derma Roller, plus it is clearly superior to certain other low budget creams and ointments that target stretch marks.

While Revitol Stretch Mark Cream has a much lower profile than the Derma Roller, there is no arguing with what this cream can do once you start applying it to your tummy and other areas affected by stretch marks. It is not exactly cheap, but it is surprisingly affordable when you consider that a single bottle should be enough to remove even the most stubborn stretch marks.

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