Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy reviews

Mederma is a cream which is designed to cure new and even old and strengthened stretch marks. Stretch marks are scars which tend to appear at time when your skin in not flexible and is subjected to extensive skin stretching. New moms are ones which quite often suffer from those ugly scars that develop when fetus is growing. There are creams which can prevent from stretch marks but only a small percent can actually remove them. The manufacturer claims Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy as an effective prevention and removal solution as well.

Mederma ingredients

Mederma is made of botanical extract mix called Cepalin. This specific ingredients mix is patented which is a good sign because there wouldn’t be any need to patent if the mix wouldn’t be effective. Cepalin can be found only in Mederma Stretch Mark Cream, so if you see any product claiming otherwise, it is very likely a scam.

While Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy contains a few ingredients and fragrance that give product a appealing color and odor, Cepalin is the only ingredient compound which directly is responsible for stretch mark prevention and removing abilities. Cepalin must be quite effective is the product is based on it only. What is Cepalin and how does it help to deal with stretch mark scars?

As manufacturer claims, Cepalin is an ingredient mix which is taken from onions and has the ability to change the color of stretch marks so they would much the skin tone. However, Cepalin also can break down scar tissue so there would be a space for new healthy cells to regenerate. Onions for centuries have been known as healthy vegetables that can prevent illness, but can they really remove stretch marks?

Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy Side Effects

As to Cepalin ingredient compound which mostly consists of onion extracts, it is very unlikely to face with any serious side effects. Of course, you should avoid using Mederma if you allergenic to onions. Unfortunately, Mederma Stretch Mark Cream also consists of fragrance which makes product more appealing. However, chemical fragrance are the main cause for many allergies. In fact, a single product may contain a blend of several flavors which increases the risk significantly. If you you know that you are allergenic to some substance, please consider another more safer product or consult your doctor before applying Mederma.

Does Mederma Work?

We believe that Mederma Stretch mark can prevent new stretch marks to appear, bu we are skeptical about cream’s stretch mark removing abilities. Vitamin B6, grapefruit seed extracts are ingredient which can be found in such popular stretch mark creams like Revitol, but we didn’t find any scientific proof behind onion extracts based compound Cepalin. It probably can increase the flexibility of skin, but we doubt that Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy could really do wonders for old scars.

There can be found many Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy reviews but mostly very mixed. Some describes the product as effective stretch mark prevention solution but worthless when it comes to removing old ones(click to view in full size):

Conclusion – Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy

To sum up, we consider Mederma as quite effective stretch mark prevention cream but if you already have old stretch mark s on your body, we strongly suggest you to take a look at more potent product reviews since Mederma can cure only recently acquired stretch marks. Also, Mederma contains chemical fragrance which can cause allergenic reactions. The products bellow, instead, are not only safe but highly effective solution for old stretch mark removing

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