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With so many stretch marks creams it may be hard to find a truly effective one. There are literally hundreds of different brands and manufacturers are trying to create a new “magical” stretch marks cream nearly every day. But only a few of those products can really help because stretch marks aren’t so easy to heal since scar tissue can be so deep that it can reach deeper skin layers. We have come to conclusion that most creams contain low quality ingredients which can not provide with any effect. Some of the creams can even cause side effects.

Stretch mars appear when skin is exposed to a lot of stretching and if the skin is not enough flexible, skin starts to crack and later the space which has formed fills with skin tissue. The scar tissue has a whitish color and it differs from healthy skin.

In order to remove stretch marks you should look for a cream which is positively reviewed by our visitors. Our editors have written reviews for most of products and you can clearly see which products work and which simply don’t.

We always gather as much information as possible so our reviews would be high quality and professional. It is important for us to give the complete list of ingredients product contains, clinical studies which have been performed and possible side effects that may appear.

Vita-K Ingredients

Since Vita-K isn’t as popular as other stretch mark creams we have reviewed, there is little known about product’s ingredients. We also couldn’t find official website of Vita-K which only confirms the facts that Product is not so well-known. Luckily, we received a label of cream’s ingredients which was sent by one of our visitors. It seems that Vita-K, as name suggests, consists mainly of Vitamin K which for many are known as vitamin that is responsible for keeping skin in it’s natural tone.

Vita-K side effects

Besides Vitamin K, the manufacturer also has added a fragrance which makes the product more appealing. However, unfortunately we are aware of facts that chemical fragrance not only can bring a nice smell to a product, but also can cause allergenic reactions. If you know that you have a tendency for allergies, we strongly suggest you to consult with your doctor before even thinking of purchasing Vita-K. But if you already have the Vita-K and want to try it out, apply it with small amounts and if any changes to skin like redness or irritation, for example is noticed, immediately stop using the product.

Vita-K price

Vita-K is a product which most people can afford since it costs only about $14 in most stores. If you decide to try the product and don’t face with any positive changes, unfortunately you will not be able to get your money back since it seems that products doesn’t come with money-back guarantee.

Conclusion – Is Vita-K effective?

Vita-K is affordable, however, the effectiveness of product can be questioned since while Vitamin-K can change the tone of skin and make it look more healthier, it is very unlikely that the color of scar tissue will change since scars have different structure.

Fortunately, there are a few  stretch marks cream that really can remove the scar tissue and replace it with new, live skin cells. The following products are the most effective on the market. You will not simply find anything similar. All those products have been clinically tested and proven to be safe as well.

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Feb 03, 2013 by Anna

Unfortunately I didn't see any noticeable changes. Used as instructions aid but still without results.


Dec 28, 2012 by Henry

I acquired the stretch marks when I did a heavy lifting at the bulk-up phase. Those marks became less visible after 4 to 5 week of application but still, were pretty noticeable. Not the best product, but well, better than nothing. I am considering to order other product, Revitol probably since it got good reviews.

2.5 3.0 2 2 Unfortunately I didn't see any noticeable changes. Used as instructions aid but still without results. Vita-K reviews

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